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The 5-Project Rule

This book will help you...

  • Boost your productivity, ensuring that you can get it all done without being overwhelmed

  • Learn how to manage projects more effectively and without getting overwhelmed easily (that means → more time for projects that bring money, and more time for the things that you really care about!)

  • Feel like you are using your time as efficiently as possible

  • Stop feeling like you are constantly busy, meanwhile not getting anything done

The 5-Project Rule

Over the past few years, we have become increasingly focused on productivity, working hard, and always aiming to do more. We work more, we spend more time on the projects that we are passionate about, and we take on more than what we can handle. Perhaps this isn’t your case – maybe, in fact, you feel like you are bored because you just don’t have much going on in your life right now. Maybe you fell upon this page after asking yourself what you could do to feel more purposeful, or to find something to do with the time you have (the possibilities are endless!). Whether you are overwhelmed or underwhelmed, there are solutions for you.

For example, on my end, I realized throughout the years that as I progressed and took on more of everything – projects, ideas, passions –, I also found myself entering many different adventures without really finishing any of them completely. I would start a project, be completely dedicated to it, and then soon enough I’d have a bunch of projects out there in the open without one of them being truly complete. Here I stood, feeling like I had no time left on my hands due to how busy I was, and yet, also feeling like I wasn’t really getting anything done. Sounds familiar?

Then, one day, I came up with a rule that changed my life: the 5-project rule. I went from feeling overwhelmed and as though I was constantly busy and yet underperforming, to feeling like I had my life under control again. I knew where my time was going, I knew how I was using it, and I knew just how to reduce my workload all while exponentially boosting my productivity.

Do you also have planners upon planners that are full of ideas and goals that you envisioned, and yet never really got around to working on them? When you think about all the open projects you have, do you feel overwhelmed or do you feel like you can take them on effortlessly? Do you look at the fifteen different projects you have going on and wonder how it will ever be possible to get to all of them? Or, perhaps after having a look back at your different projects, you have started to realize that you have lost interest in most of them and can’t seem to find that passion anymore.

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Would really recommend The 5-Project Rule by @mischainc. Got a bit stuck in organising and executing all my ‘projects’ (not only professional) lately. So many new ideas coming up everyday. Which makes it challenging to manage them. The ebook contains concrete steps. Nice work!

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